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He is very strict.

English translationShe is so old can't walk so far My grandpa used to early to bed and early to rise He is proud of his son's generosity and kindness They teach new skills and knowledge to the local doctorsI used to be late Most parents think that

翻译如下 年纪大 Old age或advanced age、 quite old都可以 例句:祖父年纪大了,背有点驼.Grandfather is quite old and a bit hunch backed.

more agility and more active

My favorite high school teacher is my math teacher. His last journey. He is also our teacher. He once said he was the oldest class. But I also feel that he is our class. He is extremely interesting. He was very serious. Also very funny. We are very fond of

old catAn old woman with cats, cat is very old, it run faster, and also can not bite anything, because it is too old. One day, old cat found a mouse, it skips grab the mouse, however, it bite the mouse. Therefore, the mice slip from its mouth, because the

looksThat women (looks) old,but she isn't that old

Him the more sensible the older 还有不明白的可以在http://www.iciba.com/里查找

城里老鼠说!”他们飞快地跑开躲藏起来, the Country mouse said!&quot, for I cannot get over the river,然而, and your house is not good, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road;This food is not good,我已经为你服务了很多年. You

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