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研究生考试 postgraduate entrance examination考研:take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools;

Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******, the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July, 2001. In the past two years I have

硕士学位的英语为post-graduate.其中:1. 理学硕士(masterofscience,英文短写为msc)2. 教育硕士(master of education,英文短写为med)3. 工程硕士(master of engineering,英文短写为meng)4. 文学硕士(masterof arts,英文短写

graduate studentpostgraduate studentgrad student 具体采用哪一个比较合适,需要根据你的需要进行选择.下面的例句请参考一下吧,也许会对你有所启发,1. In my second year of grad school, I had something of an epiphany I've never done

I am an tertiary student/undergraduate(本科在读)/postgraduate(研究生在读).大专生也可以说college student.本科生已毕业 I am an bachelor. 研究生已毕业 I am an master.

graduate student 就可以了,因为其本身就表示在读还没有获得Master Degree的研究生

博士: Doctor degree 博士学位 (一般就是指一种即:Ph.D哲学博士.包括工科.理科等) 硕士 Master: Master degree 硕士学位:大致分以下几种: 第一种:MA.Sc(master of science科学硕士).第二种:MA.Eng(master of engineering.工程硕士).第三种.MBA.工商管理硕士 本科生:B.S.(Bachelor of Science)学士

I was admitted to the Graduate School, XX College of XX UniversityXX年-XX年,作为研究生在XX大学XX学院学习From XX to XX, worked as a postgraduate at the Graduate School, XX College of XX University.

Respected teachers,moring! I'm Geng Jing,23 years old. And graduted from Xichang college. I was born in Yuexi that is also the hometown of Wenchang. There has wonderful scenery , it was said that Yuexi in March is the paradise in earth ,

2开头的是外语课开始具体就是201英语202俄语203日语,201英语是非英语专业考生的英语全国统考 数学分四种,根据工学、经济学、管理学各学科对硕士研究生入学所

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