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1.It's so disappointing that she can't go shopping with me.她不能和我一起逛街真是太令人失望了.2.I'm so lucky to get this opportunity.我很幸运,得到了这个机会.3.You're too nervous to give a good impression to the interviewer.你太紧张了,以至于没给面试官留下一个好印象.

1. the story is amazing. 2. i felt bored when i heard the story. 3. your future will be brilliant . 4. a parrot can sometimes make you embarrassed. 5. she's very enthusiastic to read novels. 6. he is hard-working(应该是hard-working才对) 7. the book is interesting. i am interested in it.

disappointing adj.令人失望的 Our team had a disappointing winless season.我们的队伍经历了一个令人失望的,毫无胜绩的赛季.But so far this strategy has been disappointing.但迄今为止这种尝试是令人失望的.

this semester i got full mark.这学期我得了满分. that thing happened yesterday was true.昨天发生的事是真的. the concert is very disappointing.演唱会真令人失望. you are lucky to get the ticket.拿到票你真幸运. this homework is a copy.这份作

1.bought[动词buy的过去式] Yesterday,my mum bought me a watch. 2.experience[经历]We have experienced all difficuly. 3.anywhere[任何地方]You can go anywhere you like. 4.bright[明亮的]This room is really bright. 5.silence[寂静]All of a sudden,


1.to juggle with balls 用球玩把戏 2.She likes to juggle ideas. 她爱动脑筋. 3.If you juggle with your accounts, you'll get into trouble. 你要是在帐目上做手脚,你可要遇到麻烦了. 4.The accountant went to prison for juggling his firm's accounts. 会计因涂改公司的帐目而入狱.

I feel 1、3、6、8、11 I am interested in playing computer games. it's 2、4、5、7、10、12

1.impress: I was impressed by your speech. 2.correction: Would you please make correction of your homework? 3.encouragement: I finally finished the long essay with the encouragement of my teacher. 4.enjoyment: We got much enjoyment from

1、We carefully watched every detail of his action. 我们仔细观察了他动作的每个细节.2、I backed up carefully until I felt the wall against my back 我小心翼翼地后退,直到感觉后背碰到了墙壁.3、He studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised. 他仔细研究了键盘,一个手指随时准备敲击.

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