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but-sowoman -women called=have calledplay-playinghappy-happilythe 去掉were-arehow-whymake-makes

1. Wednsday evening (去掉in)2. a large crowd of3. people gathered (去掉 had)4. would strike / in twenty minutes' time (你打错了吧,怎么有两处错?)5. had passed

Your problem is (1. 缺少冠词 a) common one among middle school sudents.Maybe the following advices (2. 抽象名词 advice 用了复数形式,改为 advice) can help you.First in (3. 介词错用,应该是 of) a


This is a survey of students' after-class activities, that(1.改成which) can reflect many problems we students have Obvious(2.改成Obviously), the percentage of the time that

改错并解析原因.1Those (who) want to go hiking must tell our monitor after breakfast.此句中want to go hiking 为主语从句,关系代词应为Who2The building has (been)rebuilt

1, the university life2, meet other young people3, lots of friends4, away home5, will be a lot more6, quite different from7, so much homework 8, there are different 9, organized by

While Xiao Ming and his father were sleeping one night,a thief with his face covered by a piece of cloth entered the room quickly,holding a knife in his hand.Although he tried

1.Working people are usually very busy AND tired.2.after a day's work to do COOKING,they prefer to eating.3.out ,THAT IS WHAT many people do to solve their meal.4.

on my first day in britian ,claire went to 【a】 school with me .he told me i 【had】 to go back by myself after school.on hearing this ,in order not【to 】forget the way ,i paid attention to the biue

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