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Ⅳ.完形填空In a room four men were seated at a large table.After asking me __1__ about my place of birth and my Royal Air Force experience,they began to __2__ me carefully on telecommunications.Now I was confident(自信的),at ease with


1 for 2 return 3 with 4 efects 5 appears 6 human 7 relate 8 rule 9 play 10 other 11 relation 12 between 13 article 14 prove 15 central 16 care 17 least 18 who 19 conclusion 20 however

The year I went to college was a very difficult transition(过渡期) for me. ___21___ is probably true with many people. I got quite homework and ___22___ thought about going home.Although the ___23___ time for many students is getting ___24_

Fill in the blanks

高考安徽英语完形填空翻译谁有 回答 2 4 初一长江作业上册105页完形填空短文答案和短文翻译 吗 回答 2 5 急急急阅读理解与完形填空的翻译.八年级下 回答 2 1 问: It was a spring morning in


DAs 朗朗是在沈阳长大的一个世界级的年轻钢琴演奏家.当他只有8岁的时候,他去了在北京的一家钢琴学校.“你需要财富”他父亲说,“但是你如果不努力干活,财富不会来”使他伤心的是他在北京的钢琴老师并不喜欢他.“你没有天分,

36.D 37.C 38.C 39.B 40.D41.A 42.A 43.B 44.C 45.A46.D 47.B 48.D 49.C 50.B 51.A 52.C 53.D 54.A 55.B Twist was the name of an old champion racing horse. He was past thirty years old, but the heart of the true 36 still beat with the great spirit.

1.最好的学校为你的狗.他们学习这里的一切.同样也是一个很好的家庭,为他们当你不在城里.235-621打电话. (24小时)2 .来享受旅行回家.我们的房间food.No不同大小

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