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go hiking什么意思

go hiking [释义]远足; [网络]徒步行; 郊游; 徒步旅行; [例句]I mean the one time that we go hiking. 我是说每次我们远足.

hiking: [ 'haiki ] n. 徒步旅行 1. I think I'll go hiking in Europe for my holidays; I'll probably go on my own, footloose and fancy-free. 我想去欧洲度假作徒步旅行,我很可能会独自去,自由自在,无拘无束. 2. In addition, hiking, fishing, skiing, and

l go hiking我去远足go hiking远足; 网络徒步行; 郊游; 徒步旅行; 双语例句1We will go hiking if it is cloudy tomorrow.如果明天多云,我们就去远足.2I mean the one time that we go hiking.我是说每次我们远足.

hike: [ haik ] n. 徒步旅行,远足 词组翻译:去远足

go hiking和going hiking的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、词性不同.一、意思不同1、go hiking:去远足.2、going hiking:正在去远足.二、用法不同1、go hiking:hike用作名词时意思是“徒步旅行”,用作动词则表示“远足”“做徒步旅行

go hiking远足去远足;徒步行;去徒步旅行;徒步旅行

去 徒步 旅行

Instead of spending your vacation on a bus ,in a hotel or siting on the beach,you may want to try hiking.Hiking is a great way to travel .You will get close to nature and take exercise at the same time.Hiking is easy to do and dosen't have to be very

是去远足的意思go hiking

go hiking意思是:去徒步旅行.

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