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my favourite sport is playing basketball. i like it very much. and i am very good at it . i think it is good for my health. michael jordan is my favourite basketball player. he is great . he is very famous in the world. i want to be a good basketball player like

SCAA,全称Specialty Coffee Association ofAmerica,中文译名为“美国特种咖啡协会”也有少部分人称之为“美国精品咖啡协会”.SCAA是世界上最大的咖啡贸易协会,是一个专注于优质咖啡的贸易组织.SCAA成立于1982年,会员公司三千多个,遍布世界40多个国家,涵盖咖啡行业各个领域,包括咖啡种植商、咖啡烘焙商、咖啡设备制造商、及各类咖啡贸易商.

seventh graders七年级的学生

first-graders一年级学生双语对照例句:1.A thanksgiving day editorial in the newspaper told of a school teacher who asked her class of first-graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. 老师的手感恩节那天,报纸刊登了一则故事:有位小学一年级的老师叫班上小朋友画出他们感恩的东西.__________________________________很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

ninth graders 第九年级的学生 双语对照 例句:1.The researchers gave 71 ninth graders 2 series of tests designed to measure their ansskills. 研究人员对71个九年级学生进行了2个系列的测试,用来评估他们的ans情况.2.After all, nearly 100 percent of the school's ninth graders go on to high schools. 毕竟,将近百分之百毕业的九年级学生会继续读高中.

walk sb into the classroom 把某人送进教室(陪着走进去的意思)这里的fifth graders,指的是他们五年级的孩子们.


third graders的中文翻译 third graders 第三年级学生 双语例句 1 Neither of the third graders got a medal in this event. 这场赛事三年级同学没有得到奖牌. 2 They put a lot of effort in, and they get chewed up by 25 third graders. 这些老师在此付出了

my favorite sport many people like to swim in summer. so do i. my favorite sport is swimming. just imagine! what fun it is to jump into the water in hot summer! in hot weather, i often go to swim in the swimming pool with my family. swimming can not

type A behavior[医]A型行为; 例句:1.Request: master to measure personality and type a behavior using scales. 要求:能够熟练应用量表测试人格和a型行为.2.A study of relationships of type a behavior, perception of parenting style and school

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