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i ADmirE my mothEr作文

I admire my mother the most. Because she is the one who gave me birth and brought me to this world. When I was younger, she took good care of me. As time passes on, I grew older and even became a student in (middle school/ high school/

MY MOTHER My mother is a kind-hearted, simple people. She never extravagance and waste, but also very honest, even if we are very poor at home, but she also other people Zhou Ji, her poor poor people, if they are approached by people to beg

The person I admire I admire a person who called Chenhao .she is a famous actress.she is very beautiful and lovely.she was born on December 9th,1979,she is 28 years old this year.she is good at dancing,singing,playing flute,performing and so on

the person i admire the most the my brother.he was born in 1982.he does well in all his subjects and he has a good personality too!my brother is also good at singing,he has a lot of friends.he even dined with the famous singer sha baoliang before.

The person I admire most is my mum. She is a woman with long hair and she wears a pear of glasses.She is also a little short and thin. But she is really a kind woman. She is an English teacher. She is very popular among the students because she

【作文我最敬佩的女性是妈妈】楼主懂了吗? Mother's gray hair Riyuerusuo, time flies, time blink of an eye later, my mother's head, they have a number of white hair, my mother looked old then some. How did her mother's white hair come from?

I love my mother My mother is beautiful , she has a long curly black hair . She is busy . She gets up at around six thirty , then she makes breakfast . Next she goes to work by bus , one day work begins . Later , she goes back to home . She looks very

The person I admire the most is my mother.The person I admire the most is my mother.My mother is on the late shift,so tired,do housework.My mother always is the person I admire most.

and mom's hobby is chatting with me, she often says:" my baby mother and chat;s back was bent:“和我家宝贝聊天,妈妈这心里就是开心!”妈妈只是一名普通职员,每天都是步行去上班,为了给我攒钱上大学.妈妈啊妈妈,虽然我不知怎么

When I sat at the desk, trying to write the essay, I found it hard to set pen to paper. Staring at the topic I deliberately chose for myself "my mother", I felt the memory of 20 years with my mother suddenly turned into a haze, blurring my eyes to discern

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