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vt. 发出The cheese was emitting a strong smell.干酪散发出强烈的气味.A volcano emits smoke and ashes.火山散发着烟和灰.He was so pale that he seemed to emit a pearly glow.他白得似乎发出像一样珍珠的微光.Fireflies emit light but not

pearly whites珍珠白例句:1.All right, let's see those pearly whites. 好的,我们来看看那些小乳牙.2.Show your pearly whites ( or just smile!) 展示你的贝齿(或者仅仅是微笑)3.Brush your pearly whites at least two to three times a day and don't forget to brushyour tongue in the morning. 每天至少要将你珍珠般洁白的牙齿刷两三次,早晨的时候不要忘记刷你的舌头.

谁住过米德尔堡Pearly Shells? 回答 2 5 most snails have shells on the 回答 2 1 问: (collecting)shells is his hobby 答: 详情>> 2 103 Apartment怎么样? 回答 2 3 谁住过代托纳比奇Sea Shells Beach

是pearly吧pearly adj.珍珠似[色]的产珍珠的用珍珠装饰的; 珍贵的【音】响亮的pearly nautilus 鹦鹉螺

pearly toner是欧莱雅复颜玻尿酸水光充盈导入晶露,用法就是爽肤水.

pearly fabric珍珠纤维面料

输入:pearly plus 怎么读,有在线发音,点击那个喇叭可以听到怎么读,如图:

歌曲名:Pearly歌手:Radiohead专辑:Ok Computer (Collector S Edition)Kety Perry - PearlShe is a pyramidBut with him, she's just a grain of sandThis love's too strongLike mice and menSqueezing out the life that should be let inShe was a

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