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weather 是名词,可做主语,宾语. 例如:How is the weather in your place today? The weather looks nice today?

weather [英]['we(r)][美][w] n.天气, 气象; 暴风雨; vt.& vi.晒干, 风化; vt.平安渡过, 挨过; [地]使风化; 第三人称单数:weathers过去分词:weathered现在进行时:weathering过去式:weathered 以上结果来自金山词霸 柯林斯

weather英 [we(r)] 美 [w] n.天气, 气象; 暴风雨; vt.晒干, 风化; vt.平安渡过, 挨过; [地] 使风化; [例句]Helicopters fly in appalling weather to succour shipwrecked mariners. 直升机在恶劣的天气条件下起飞前去援救遇难的船员. [其他]第三人称单数:weathers 现在分词:weathering 过去式:weathered 过去分词:weathered 形近词: blather heather leather

weather:美 ['wer];英 ['we(r)] n.天气;气象;气象预报 v.变形;经受住 第三人称单数:weathers 现在分词:weathering 过去式:weathered 双语例句: 1.They began to explain that they had been delayed by the weather. 他们开始解

weather 英 ['we] 美 ['w] n. 天气;气象;气候;处境 vt. 经受住;使风化;侵蚀;使受风吹雨打 adj. 露天的;迎风的 vi. 风化;受侵蚀;经受风雨 n. (Weather)人名;(英)韦瑟 更多释义>> [网络短语] Weather 天气,气候,气象 Weather Underground 地下气象员,地下气象台,地下天气 The Weather 天气,气候,什么天气

释义:天气, 气象,天气预报.变形,动词.第三人称单数:weathers ,过去分词:weathered 现在分词:weathering ,过去式:weathered 双语例句:1. Fishing is possible in virtually any weather.几乎任何天气里都可以钓鱼.2. The scenery

Weather affects all of us in one way or another, directly or indirectly. For example, good weather makes people happy. Bad weather makes people sick and depressed. Be sides, on a fine day, one can go out for a walk or play a game in the open.

dead [ded] adj. 无生命的;呆板的;废弃了的 adv. 完全地 weather ['we] n. 天气;气象;气候;处境 vt. 经受住;使风化;侵蚀;使受风吹雨打 vi. 风化;受侵蚀;经受风雨 adj. 露天的;迎风的

weather天气[英][we(r)][美][w]n.天气, 气象; 暴风雨;vt.& vi.晒干, 风化;vt.平安渡过, 挨过; [地]使风化;

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