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why not Do还是to Do

why not do=why don't you do=what about doing=how about doing

why not do sth ? = why don't you do sth ?

Why not do sth.Why not 是 Why don't you 的简单形式,所以既然有了助动词do,后面的动词应用原型.Why not do sth= How about doing sth .

两者都表示建议,区别在于:1. why not 后面加动词原形,构成Why not do sth.? (为何不……呢?),例如:Why not try again? 为何不再试一下?The opportunity is there. Why not seize it? 机会就在那儿,为什么不抓住它?2. why do not 后面

是why not to do ,因为not to sth 是固定搭配

你好!Why not 后面直接跟do.用动词原形.语法上是这样,实际使用当中也是这样用的.我的回答你还满意吗~~

why not do sth.why not 后是接不带to 的不定式,也就是动词原形

why not to do Sth

why not to do something

1.why not do 2.why don't you do

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